Our core partners include the DC Initiative on Racial Equity, Perception Institute, SPACEs in Action (SIA) and Tides Center:

» Racial Equity

DC Initiative on Racial Equity

The DC Initiative seeks to raise awareness about the role of local governments, especially the District of Columbia, in advancing racial equity. It does this in partnership with community members, nonprofit organizations, foundations and businesses. For more information on the initiative, email dcracialequity@gmail.com

» Implicit Bias and the Mind Sciences

Perception Institute

Perception Institute is a consortium of researchers, advocates, and strategists who translate cutting edge mind science research on race, gender, ethnic, and other identities into solutions that reduce bias and discrimination, and promote belonging. We work in sectors where bias has the most profound impact—education, healthcare, media, workplace, law enforcement, and civil justice.

» Community Organizing and Movement Building

SPACEs In Action

SPACEs In Action (SIA) is an independent sister organization born out of SPACEs. SIA uses community organizing, issue campaigns and movement building as its primary approach to change.

» Fiscal Sponsorship

Tides Center

Tides Center was formed in 1976. It is a 501 c3 charitable organization based in San Francisco, California. It provides fiscal sponsorship (or back-office financial and management services) to a broad universe of projects so that their leaders can focus on the work of creating a more just world. To date, Tides has fiscally sponsored more than 800 projects and managed project and grant making totaling more than $2 billion. And SPACEs is one of them.  

Below are other recent partners in the areas of training, facilitation, process design, coaching and bias and belonging: