What are people saying about SPACEs?

“…Working with SPACEs has helped to revolutionize the ways in which we conceptualize our programming, our interpersonal relationships, and our policies.”
Brittney Washington
ATR, Racial Equity Working Group Chair, Miriam’s Kitchen
“I cannot thank you enough for the session yesterday. It was so meaningful and so well done. Not only did it stimulate critical thought and conversation, but it also contributed to community building among Lab members. I can't help but thinking what an important activity it would be as part of the 1st year orientation for all students.”
Margaret K. O'Bryon
Executive Director, Policy Innovation Lab McCourt School of Public Policy Georgetown University
“Beyond Bias, in staff and congregational trainings, made a very charged and defensive conversation around race and power more possible and productive. We now have the language and awareness we need to hold each other accountable to re-programming our implicit biases so that they do not unintentionally undermine our spoken and shared values. Thank you, Beyond Bias!”
Kate Payton
Formerly Associate Pastor at United Metropolitan and Lead Pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church, Washington, D.C.
“Dushaw Hockett is the first person I think of when I need a facilitator for a discussion on a difficult and controversial topic.  He possesses a unique blend of gentleness, creativity, and power that sets him apart from others.  His gentleness puts people at ease and assures them that they are in a safe place.  His creativity engages them in deeply personal ways.  And his power inspires them to venture beyond their comfort zone and to take intellectual and emotional risks that would have been previously unthinkable. Participants in discussions facilitated by Dushaw Hockett inevitably emerge with greater insights about themselves and about the topic and with a clearer sense of direction for the future.”
Michael Wenger
Former Senior Fellow, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
“I’ve seen so many trainings. This was the best one I ever attended. What a gift.”
Lorena Rivera
Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS -- NY)
“Last night was amazing! We definitely would love to have you back again next year, and hopefully make this an annual workshop for our students.”
Natalie LeBretcht
Administrator, New York University Tisch School of the Arts
“Dushaw Hockett is a powerful and perceptive facilitator who uses his formidable talents to reduce implicit bias and increase inclusion in our nation, our organizations and our workplaces. His work, in partnership with leaders of our union, has produced concrete and positive results at all levels. He brings to everything he does a rare combination of intellectual rigor, relational skills, and passion for equity and justice.”
Elissa McBride
Secretary-Treasurer, AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees)
“Dushaw and Suzanne were thoughtful and flexible consultants, listening to the needs of our staff, uncovering the underlying concerns and tensions, and creating engaging trainings to address them. They addressed the mind, body, and soul of individuals and our organization, teaching us that the critical process of creating a more equitable and inclusive organization is an ongoing one we must integrate into our goals, practices, and values. We have adopted their practice of putting relationship over task by starting our meetings with questions to get to know one another. Dushaw and Suzanne created space to meet staff members where they were at with empathy and a pathway to move forward on our understandings of our own identities, bias, and how they inform our work.”
Liz Fisher
Former Chief Operating Officer, Repair the World
“Dushaw Hockett’s thoughtful facilitation strengthens the cross-racial work of the Quad Caucus of state legislators. Dushaw is attuned to the energy levels of a group and his style strikes the appropriate balance of expertise, guidance and creativity. It ensures the group moves forward with depth and meaning in race equity policy. He’s able to use his skills to inspire and build respectful consensus in a way that both encourages individual and collective group ownership.”
Irene Kawanabe
Group Director, Quad Caucus